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Ranger & the 'Re-Arrangers': Press Quotes

Innovative Gypsy Jazz... a spiced up rhythm section that brings a syncopated slant to Django's great music. 

Eddie Williams - Treehouse Cafe

"It has a snappy rhythm and also a calm and catchy grace... inescapably hum-able and a toe-tap-ful."

Zach Hudson - Victory Music Review

Ranger never loses sight of the melody…yet there is enough flair and dare in his improvisations to keep the enthusiast interested and the casual listener comes away with pleasure and not confusion.

(World Rhythm Webzine)

“At the heart of their sound is Ranger Sciacca's sweet violin playing… his sense of melody and daring improvisations”. (World Rhythm Webzine)


"Ranger And The Re-Arrangers deliver guitar work so sharp it cuts in an ensemble as tight as piano wire. The marriage of violin and guitar here is exquisite." (Wildy's World CD Review)


Ranger’s playing “features frantic staccato runs, pizzicato plucking that keeps one on the edge and an overall sense of tone that reveals many shades and moods.” (World Rhythm Webzine)